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Sex Work and Adult Shops

 The sex industry is reportedly the oldest around, expected to be started in the 1820s BC, that’s nearly four thousand years ago. Today, the industry is worth an estimated $100 billion per year. To put that into comparison, the music industry is worth $130 billion per year. As society moved forward, towards the 18th and 19st century, the implications surrounding the industry started to surface. Many see the industry as ‘un-sterile’ and dangerous, while others see it as a way of life, even a necessity.

I want to discuss my opinion of the industry and what I think can be done to improve it. It would be idiotic to think that the sex trade will ever disappear, as long as humans have the desire to reproduce, they will have a desire for sex. As soon as that desire disappears, so does the human race. As far as prostitution goes, the streets can be extremely dangerous. In terms of violence, that can be reduced with law, allowing men and women to profit from their trade in a safe environment. As far as venereal diseases go, I think the other sectors of the industry can help.

In an adult shop, you have staffs that are working with the public on a daily basis. It would be fair to assume that in the store, an inappropriate discussion topic would be rare and that sex is the primary topic for discussion. Talking about sex can be extremely educational and with public exposure, adult shop staff could be seen as ex educators. In many states, towns and countries, the selling of adult products is illegal, adult stores are illegal and the topic of sex is squandered. In fact, there have been many academic studies that suggest having an adult store in a town can reduce the risk of venereal diseases.

I think that allowing the sex toy suppliers to educate the public on safety could reap great benefits for not only the community, but those in the sex trade. In modern times, we should not be looking for people to abandon, class as a lower being, we should be allowing those to help that can. I believe that with the right education and training for sex store workers, they will have the opportunity to reduce the rate of venereal diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. I hope that one day we can look at these stores as a public educator, a place for people to go and seek advice.

I got a Fleshlight

I have always been curious about the Fleshlight and I really wanted to give it a go. I have had some problems with quick orgasms before and when I saw the stamina training unit or STU for short, I thought I would give it a go. The STU has a very intense texture and it feels really good. As I slid my dick in for the first time, I realised why they called it the stamina training unit.

Not too much longer after I started to fuck my silicone pussy, I came, hard! The STU is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone that wants to try it out. Next time I buy a sex toy, I might get some anal beads and try the two out together. 

Stephen King is a victim shaming piece of shit

For those who want to help


If you would like to help stop Purple Tinker’s attempt to dox and harass someone into deleting their post chronicling her past abuses, I would recommend writing a quick letter to, and ask them to take action against her blog.

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